The FCPC Pride: FCPC Baliktanaw Continues to Set Every Stage Aflame

A talent to behold; a passion to astound the world.

FCPC Baliktanaw is far cry from an ordinary school club. They’re more than just a set of dancers, musicians, singers, and filmmakers—they are people who treat each other like family; not bound by blood, but by something far greater than that: passion, talent, and nationalism.

Ever since 2006, FCPC Baliktanaw was known for its wild enthusiasm and fervor on and off stage. Founded by President Estrella O. Simon, FCPC Baliktanaw simply aims to look back on the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines by focusing on folk and contemporary dance. As years go by, FCPC Baliktanaw finally got the chance to show their burning passion for performing by joining various dance competitions. From there, the group continues to grow, improve, and leave their audience in awe at every stage they conquer.

Last 2019, FCPC Baliktanaw was hailed as the first-ever champion of World of Dance Philippines and just recently, was also hailed the champion in World Supremacy Battlegrounds both in the squad and open division. As nationalism is one of FCPC’s core values, it is not only FCPC Baliktanaw who gets to express their fiery love for the country but also ignites the fire of those who get to witness their vigorous performances.

They say that those who possess a brighter flame within their hearts tend to burn faster than others—and yet, after many years of performing, FCPC Baliktanaw did not once let their passion get blown away by any ordeal. With talent, nationalism, passion, and determination combined, FCPC Baliktanaw will always be a sight to behold and their performances will certainly continue to astound the world.

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