To Lend a Helping Hand: the FCPC Way

It only takes a single step to bring our people closer to one another.

Every community requires interaction and mobilization to pursue a common goal. As a part of a whole, FCPC engages with local communities around City of San Jose Del Monte to collaborate, reciprocate relationships, spread awareness, and practice altruism. Every year, FCPC never fails to lend a hand and take initiative especially in times of peril and hardship.

Last April 2021, with the leadership and initiative of FCPC Supreme Student Council, FCPC was able to organize community pantries around the City of San Jose Del Monte. FCPC worked hand in hand with different barangay officials to ensure safety protocols and social distancing. Various goods like fresh vegetables, fruits, canned goods, noodles, rice and biscuits are open for all San Joseños, especially those who were left vulnerable in the pandemic. Aside from teaching and non-teaching staff, FCPCians also choose to be involved in these projects like in Operation: Ulysses and Thanksgiving 2019.

Because FCPC highly values quality education, FCPC also supports the growth of nearby schools. In 2020, FCPC participated in Brigada Eskwela, a project conducted by the Department of Education, where stakeholders are encouraged to give assistance to schools who are in need of monetary or material aid. FCPC was able to provide needed materials to San Roque Elementary School for their preparation in modular learning. In 2021, FCPC launched a Love for Reading Book Donation Drive that provided reading materials such as textbooks and story books to San Jose del Monte Heights High School, San Roque Elementary School and Francisco Homes Elementary School.

In partnership with different companies, several programs were also conducted around Barangay San Roque, which is FCPC’s adopted Barangay. This includes FCPC Alay Kapwa in 2019, Drug Education talk and Financial Literacy in 2020, and FCPC e-Extension Activities in 2021. The FCPC Community plans to extend its services and further initiate, plan, organize and implement programs and activities which will contribute to community development and social transformation.