Dreaming the Impossible: FCPC’s Journey to Universityhood

A seemingly impossible dream is a few steps away from becoming a reality.

Becoming a university is the ultimate goal that Dr. Estrella Simon, the president of First City Providential College, has for her beloved school. On the other hand, achieving such a big dream is not going to be an easy feat to accomplish. In order for FCPC to become a university, the school first applied for accreditation by the Philippines Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).

The first step to the universityhood of FCPC started in December 2017 when the consultancy and preliminary visit of PACUCOA to FCPC for the first batch of the following programs began: BSN, BSHRM, BSIT, BEED, BSED, Elementary, and Junior High School. And in March 2018, the second batch of programs: BSTM, BSOM, BSM, and Senior High School also had its consultancy visit. Also in the same year, PACUCOA had its Level 1 Accreditation visit for the first batch of programs in FCPC.

Two years later, PACUCOA conducted their Level 2 Accreditation visit virtually for the Elementary and Junior High School programs of FCPC. The Level 2 Accreditation visit went smoothly and the mentioned programs went straight to the Level 3 Accreditation visit, which was also held online, last August 2021.