Paving the Way: FCPC’s Steps Towards Becoming a World-Class University

First City Providential College has been paving its way towards being a world-class university to provide lifelong learning amongst its students, thus taking further steps with collaboration with other international and world-class institutions by signing the Memorandum of Understanding with other prestigious institutions around the Asia-Pacific regions in the joint conference of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and the International Association of University (IAU) in Sias University in China.

FCPC joins the group of elite colleges and universities including Thailand’s Siam University, American International University and Daffodil International University, both from Bangladesh, South Korea’s Daegu Health College, and Causcasus University of Georgia lead by the school’s delegate, Dr. Estrella O. Simon, who wholeheartedly expressed her eager hope to expound the school’s ability and effort to provide and attain the vision for a world-class quality education.

The school’s president also took the chance to expand the institution’s connection with the Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP), known to be one of the major non-profit associations in the world that is focused on the fields of research, engineering, and technology.

Dr. Shawn Chen, founder and chairman of the Sias University where the signing was executed, said that “discussions and networking with them will advance the institutionalization of your institute.”

And as FCPC continues its journey towards globalization and institutionalization of its university, the school had, yet again, created a partnership with another foreign university—the American International University-Bangladesh (AUIB) along with other institutions from Thailand, Mexico, India, South Korea, Lithuania, Georgia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.