FCPC: The Matriarch of Lifelong Learning

To dream and to keep on dreaming. To victory and to more victorious glory.

1984 was the dawn where the dripping ink wrote a new history. Risks were taken, gambles were made; time had sharpened every wit that allowed triumph to flourish with each and every obstacle. From trivial charcoal, lit and ossified. A new ember had sparked that became the symbol of success that burned within the fiery heart of the champion; illuminating the name of the alma mater.

First City Providential College—the matriarch of lifelong learning. The home of the most talented and the astute. This is where various skills, honor, and mastery were honed by each of its students. From arts to science, to competency and wisdom. And with the ardent flames of the institution to rise and become the cradle of world-class education, the students lay bare to its heat becoming the paragon of the Filipino skin and glory.

Sarihumpay: sari-sari, husay at tagumpay. The holy trinity that each of the students that trusted the name First City Providential College embodies. Clutching tight at the learnings, medals, and trophy. Proving that the students, who manifest the core values of having faith in God, creativity, perseverance, collaboration, intelligence, altruism, and nationalism, are truly the children of the world-class university for lifelong learning.