School Garden: the Keeper of FCPC Memories

If there’s one place in FCPC that’s brimming with memories of laughter, mirth, and pure nonchalance, it’s none other than the school garden. Located in front of the Plaridel Hall and the school canteen, FCPC’s garden is one of the places where students, faculty and staff best spend their free time. With the sight of greenery, flourishing bright-pink bougainvillea blossoms, and gushing waters of the fountain, this place meant relaxation for those who seek a short break from work and activities all around the campus.

In the process of making the school garden, President Estrella O. Simon even oversees it herself along with landscape artists. Albeit being one of the oldest spots in FCPC, the garden is always kept bright, alive, and tended. Whilst students usually lounge and eat at this place, the clean-as-you-go practice is always done habitually; hence, up until this day, the school garden radiates eternal beauty and positive energy. It is yet to be admitted, but FCPC’s garden is undeniably a crowd favorite.