Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing in First City Providential College was established in 2004 as one of the pioneer programs in the tertiary department. True to its mission and vision of producing life-long learners and in service to God, country, and humanity, 82 graduates made it to the board examinations and with 100% in the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examinations, putting the institution as one of the top performing nursing schools in the country. Currently, the alumni of FCPC BS Nursing are not only competing in the workforce locally but also internationally. With Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) Level III accredited.

FCPC Online University


The program is offered to full-fledged graduates of any courses who wanted to pursue further education in nursing. The program will be 3-years should be evaluated by the college registrar to qualify. Courses taken prior to nursing will be credited after evaluation. The Related Learning Experiences demonstrations can be done virtually using our high-fidelity dummies in the nursing skills laboratories and the clinical duties should be enrolled and attended simultaneously with the professional courses enrolled on scheduled basis.


The program is offered to all grade 12 completers and individuals who wants to pursue career in nursing. A 3-year plus 1 program is offered. There will be 3-years purely online classes and 2 semesters of clinical practice during the 4th year in the tertiary education. All courses are self-faced during the first 3-years through FCPC online university. And face to face clinical duties on the 4th year. Related Learning Experiences demonstrations can be done virtually, the same programs with the flexible learning during the pandemic.

I. General Education Courses
GE 101 Understanding the Self 3
GE 102 TheContemporary World 3
GE 103 Art Appreciation3
GE 104 Ethics 3
GE 105 Mathematics in the Modern World 3
GE 106 Science, Technology, and Society 3
GE 107 Readings in Philippine History 3
GE 108 Purposive Communication 3
GE Elec1 Philippine Popular Culture 3
GE Elec 2 Entrepreneurial Mind 3
GE Elec 4 Religion, Religious Experiences and Spirituality 3
Rizal 101 The Life and Works of Rizal
36 Units
II. PE and NSTP 1&2
PE1 Wellness 2
PE 2 Self Defense 2
PE 3 Swimming 2
PE 4 Sports 2
NSTP 1 Integrated with Peace, Environmental Education, and Development 3
NSTP 2 Integrated with Anti-Smoking and Drug Prevention
14 Units
III. Major Courses
MC 1 Biochem Biochemistry (3/2)
MC 2 Logic and Critical Thinking
MC3 A/P Anatomy and Physiology (3/2)
MC 4 M/P Microbiology and Parasitology (3/1)
17 Units
IV. Professional Courses
NCM 100 Theoretical Foundation in Nursing 3
NCM 101 Health Assessment (3/2)
NCM 102 Health Education 3
NCM 103Fundamentals of Nursing (3/2)
NCM 104 Community Health Nursing 1: Individual and Family as Clients (2/2)
NCM 105 Nutrition and Diet Therapy (2/1)
NCM 106 Pharmacology 3
NCM 107 Care of Mother, Child, Adolescent (Well Client) (4/5)
NCM 108 Health Care Ethics (Bioethics) 3
NCM 109 Care of Mother and Child-at-Risk or with Problems (Acute and Chronic) (6/6)
NCM 110 Nursing Informatics (2/1)
NCM 111 Nursing Research (2/1)
NCM 112 Care of Clients with Problems in Oxygenation, Fluid and Electrolyte, Infectious and Inflammatory Responses, Cellular Aberration, Acute and Chronic (8/6)
NCM 113 Community Health Nursing II: Population Groups and Community as Clients (2/1)
NCM 114 Care of Older Person (2/1)
NCM 115 Nursing Research II (RLE 2)
NCM 116 Care of Clients with Problems in Nutrition and GI Metabolism and Endocrine, Perception and Coordination, Acute and Chronic (5/4)
NCM 117 Care of Client with Maladaptive Patterns of Behavior, Acute and Chronic (4/4)
NCM 118 Care of Clients with Life-Threatening Conditions, Acutely Ill, Multi-organ Problems, High Acuity, and Ememrgency Situations, Acute and Chronic (4/5)
NCM 119 Nursing Leadership and Management (4/3)
NCM 120 Decent Work, Employment and Transcultural Nursing 3
NCM 121Disaster Nursing (2/1)
NCM 122 Intensive Nursing Practicum (0/8)
125 Units
V. FCPC Mandatory
a. FCPC Research 1
b. FCPC Research 1
c. Foreign Language
d. Professional Competency Assessment 1
e. Professional Competency Assessment 2
15 Units
TOTAL207 Units